Blueberry - CBD Oil Drops

1000MG CBD Extra-Strength

A hearty sweet Blueberry taste in every drop. The flavor of eating blueberry pancakes in the drop of a bottle that will leave you wanting more. One of our favorites to mix into smoothies and other sweets.


All of our featured CBD Oil Tincture flavors are available in both 500mg and 1000mg CBD strengths and feature an integrated easy-drop applicator. Safe, affordable, easy to use, and legal— NRG CBD Oral Drops can be taken day or night, used orally as well as topically on the skin.



  • CBD Isolate (THC-Free)

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil 

  • Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)

  • Sunflower Oil

  • All-Natural Flavoring: derived from fruits, vegetables, roots, & plants.

Product Information

Crafted with love in every bottle, our all-natural CBD oils are formulated with you, the consumer in mind. Our CBD oils contains only the necessities to keep it simple yet effective. We use limited ingredients with no cutting or filler additives to ensure only the highest quality of CBD oil.


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For Best Results

Our Drops are intended to be used orally at any time of the day or night and are also great to mix into drinks, or with foods to compliment with whatever flavor you choose.

Quality Insurance

  • Thoroughly Tested by Certified Third Party

  • THC Free (0%)* 

  • Eco Friendly, No Pesticides, GMO Free & Vegan Friendly

  • Non-synthetic, Heavy Metal Free

  • All products are sourced and made in the USA

All products meet Federal and State legal definitions of hemp and hemp products. 

* No psychoactive effects, all products contain no THC *or 0.3% of THC content or less. 

Certificate of Analysis:


Can MWL service both my skis and snowboard?

Absolutely! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the mountain. Before we go to work, we clean and inspect your skis/snowboard to see what service would best serve your needs. We always strive to provide the best customer expierence.

How often should my gear be waxed and tuned?

Skis need to be waxed regularly to keep them in good condition and to keep the base from drying. Depending on conditions and they type of skier that you are, skis should be waxed approximately every 3-8 days of riding. When the base starts to look dry and flaky or white it is a sign that it's time for a wax

What type of wax does MWL use?

We use an all temperature Hertel 'Super HotSauce' ski and snowboard wax. It is specially formulated to work in all snow and weather conditions. Hertel's research department has developed a new and totally unique wax formula that delivers unmatched riding. 'Super HotSauce' has a unique micro-encapsulation formula with patented surfactants, which work in all temperature and weather conditions. No other snowboard or ski wax works like it. While skiing, you are basically cruising on a surface of water created by your skis riding against the snow. 'Super HotSauce' wax works by changing the structure of that water, in order to create extra speed, control and safety.
Non PTFE. Non Fluorocarbon. Biodegradable. Need wax? We supply Hertel 'Super HotSauce' Approximently 3/4 lbs (340 grams)

What are signs my gear needs service?

If the base material is dry and in need of wax it will appear white and chalky, starting at the edges and moving inward. If the entire base of the ski is white and chalky the skis have reached the point where base grinding is necessary, and your local shop should be able to do this for you.

What is the turn around time for getting my gear worked on?

We are able to fill most orders within 24 hours! Consider getting your skis/snowboards worked on before the season starts to ensure you get the most out of your winter season. Also, it is a great idea to get a storage wax applied before storing your gear for the summer. We apply a coat of wax, but do not scrape it off. This helps protect the skis and allows for a quick start to the following season!

Can MWL work on my boots/bindings?

We do not inspection or check any boots or bindings. Currently, we are focused on delivering quality waxing and tune up service. Checking bindings should be left to a trained and certified shop with the necessary tools and equipment to do it properly.

Can you tell me more about MWL events and parties?

We partner with many local businesses and vendors to co-host ON SITE waxing parties! MWL supply a friendly and knowledgeable technician, portable wax & tune table, ground tarp cover, and will clean up after. We make sure to complete all orders the same day/night. We work with local bars, resturants, gyms, and apartment complexes. Interested in having ski waxing at your next event? Give us a call!

Will MWL teach me to wax my skis?

Of course we will! Join us for an hour class to learn the basics of waxing bases and tuning edges. Students will learn proper application technicians, basic tool useage and even a few tricks we've perfected along the way! Want more? We supply beginner wax and tune up kits! Just let us know in advance that you are interested, and we work with you to find the best equipment to fit your needs!

Why do I need to wax my gear?

Waxing and tuning your skis is all about putting a better feeling into your equipment and taking care of them. Properly waxed skis or a board means you’ll be able to ride better and faster. Properly tuned edges are important for control and safety. We put a lot of trust in our gear, and we pay big bucks for it. A little love and care means you not only enjoy your time on your skis or board, but the investment means you can keep your equipment working as it is intended to, and gives it some longevity.

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